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Creative Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers

Frog Street Curriculum for Preschoolers, Infants, and Toddlers

Certified Pre-K through CLI 

Our programs are uniquely designed to fit a range of ages

Our overall goal is to have your child to be able to know and recite the Lord's Prayer, Pledge to the Bible and the Pledge to the flags (Both the Texas and U.S.)

We also strive to enable your child to be able to recognize colors, numbers, alphabet as well as know what happens in the different seasons of the year. Along with educational goals we also have physical goals for your child which includes endurance, coordination in muscle use, and taking care of their bodies (basic physical care, proper food and proper rest.)

Ages 6 weeks - 1 year

Ages 1 year - 2 years

Ages 3 years - 5 years

Ages 5 years - 10 years

Ages 2 years - 3 years

Ages 10 years - 12 years

What our parents are saying: 

"The directors Sherry and Margaret are both very nice, and my little girl loves her teacher. Every day when I pick her up she can't wait to tell me about her day! " 

"I don't even know where to begin. Our kids have been with caring hands for almost 4 years since our daughter was a preemie (6 months old). They have cared and taught our now our 3 yr old daughter, 2 yr old son and 10 month old son. Throughout our years with them we have never had any issue with caring hands and their staff. Our daughter and son loved their teacher Meme honestly like they were their 2nd mom, which touched my heart."

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